Exceptions are the things that will kill you.

Zig Ziglar once said that Exceptions are the things that will kill you.

For example, doe any of the below situations sound familiar?

Alarm rings at 5:45am “Gym!”, Hits ‘Snooze’ and thinks, “Another 5 minutes sleep!”
Alarm rings at 7:35am “Oh **** I’m going to be late to work!”

“One cigarette won’t get be back into the habit”

“One drink doesn’t mean I’ll get drunk again”

If it doesn’t for you, maybe this doesn’t apply to you, but this certainly rings true to me. If you let it slip once, you are vulnerable to let it slide again and before you know it, you’re either out of a good habit or back into a bad habit. Train yourself to watch out for the exceptions, they will be specific to your situation. Think of potential tempters and understand the exceptions that may present themselves. Be aware, they may seem subtle at first, but if you allow yourself to go back in a small way, your temptation will slowly work its way back into your normal.

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